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CMG Enables The Smarter Enterprise.

What do building and property owners looking to deploy better Energy, Water, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Control solutions have in common? They seek CMG and its frameworks for the right answers.

At CMG, we believe that The Smarter Enterprise is a new 21st century megatrend that reveals why and how the total digitalization of enterprises will deliver a complete new Smart World with virtually unlimited possibilities.

The Smarter Enterprise is a non-stop, on-demand, re-design journey of the business models, business processes, technologies, organizational structure, and applied human capital to seamlessly blend existing and new stand-alone silo trends such as, Mass Customization, Open Sourcing, Crowdsourcing, eCommerce, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobility, mCommerce, Social Media, Lean Manufacturing, Vehicle Electrification, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, 3D Printing, Drones, and Internet of Things into a more profitable, faster growing, plentiful, and more customer driven corporate reality.


The Smarter Enterprise delivers success by committing to pervasive performance management, which helps streamline management processes by creating a smart, agile and aligned organization. The Smarter Enterprise enables the close monitoring of performance, flexible planning and helps in re-establishing or enhancing trust with stakeholders. At the same time, The Smarter Enterprise drives insight in divestments and investments, and offers techniques that help in rethinking strategies and managing innovation as a competitive advantage.

How does The Smarter Enterprise maintain a long-term leadership position, as well as manage today’s operations?

By understanding its core businesses, taking action to protect and nurture them, retaining the best talent during tough times and constantly managing innovation. These are not only strategies for survival, but almost always the very foundation of consistent, sustainable, and continued growth. Enterprises will need to look outside themselves and their traditional partners to find new business models, skill sets and capabilities in order to develop The Smarter Enterprise.

Key Enterprise services by CMG include assessment, planning, architecting and design of the following: Corporate Strategy, Business Models, Business Cases, IT Strategy, Technology Governance, Technology Assessment, Technology Architecture, RoadMap Development, and Innovation Management.

CMG has great Enterprise expertise in the following technologies and market segments: Smart Grid, Microgrids, Smart Pipes, Smart Buildings, Energy Storage, Distributed Generation (CHP, Solar, Wind and Fuel Cells), Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure, Energy Management Systems, Network Management Systems, Enterprise Software and Embedded Software, and Telecom Networks.

The results of our involvement are proven to Increase Value, Reduce Risk, Accelerate Adoption and Delight Customers.

Best Selling CMG Frameworks for Enterprises:

Strategy and Scenario Planning (SSP) Framework — The SSP Framework is a powerful methodology particularly useful in developing enterprise strategies to navigate extreme events like smart energy transformations. The process for this framework includes the selection of decisions needed, assumptions, drivers, brainstorming, solution seeking, blending, and mapping to decision-making.

Business Optimization and Transformation (BOT) Framework – The BOT Framework delivers a proven step-by-step methodology to optimize and/or transform existing utility business processes to achieve superior customer satisfaction, operational productivity and profitability.

Smart Buildings (SB) Framework – The Smart Buildings Framework (inclusive of BAS and BIoT) provides a clear roadmap for building owners and technology buyers to the best practices, use cases, benefits, technologies, standards and vendor offerings (e.g. edge devices, sensors, gateways, networks, control platforms, analytics tools, portals and applications) in the market place.

Big Data (BD) Framework – The Big Data Framework shares great detail of the key use cases in Smart Grid, Energy Generation, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Water, and Customer Experience Solutions plus the best practices around data ingestion, automation, analysis, workflow and action.

Internet of Things (IoT) Framework – The Internet of Things Framework brings a proven roadmap model to commercial and industrial users of the best practices, use cases, benefits, technologies, standards and vendor offerings in the market place with focus on Government, Energy, Water, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, and Buildings.

Cloud Computing (CC) Framework – The CMG Cloud focus is on the roadmap of transformation from Packaged Software to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to Software-as-a-Service plus the best practices and business models around the use and deployment of virtualization, private clouds, hybrid clouds, and IT-as-a-Service.

Distributed Energy and Microgrid (DEM) Planning Framework – The DEM Framework covers the assessment, benchmarking, design, architecture, and optimization steps to build grid independent or grid black star solutions.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Planning Framework – The VPP Planning Framework covers the assessment, benchmarking, design, architecture, and optimization steps to build integrated distributed edge resources and smart appliances into a utility grid.

Smart Cyber Security & Compliance (SCSC) Framework – The SCSC delivers a proven step-by-step methodology to understand, identify, and mitigate cyber security risks by leveraging best practices and industry specific guidance to achieve optimal protection and regulatory compliance, where Enterprise resources for core activities that generate productivity and profitability.

The CMG Team has experience working with key enterprises including:

Center for Commercialization of Electric Technologies
GreenTech Media
Gridwise Alliance
Gridwise Architecture Council
New Your State Smart Grid Consortium
Smart Cities Council
Smart Grid Summits
Smart Grid Interoperability Panel
South central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER)

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