Disruption Becomes Evolution



CMG would like to offer you an industry must read white paper written for power and energy executives and regulators faced with rationalizing the rapid and numerous changes currently pressuring the traditional structure of the utility industry. The paper shows how disruptive change in other industries caused the “rules of the road” to be changed, and how the lessons learned from those experiences can be applied to the utility industry. It also presents how new business models and cutting edge technologies such as distributed solar and CHP, demand response, microgrids, energy storage, electric vehicles, cyber-security, advanced wholesale markets, and new competitive retail markets are all impacting the traditional regulated utility industry. It goes deep into how central generation, grid operations, and wholesale and retail energy sales are being transformed by innovation and competition, forcing utilities faster than ever to make critical choices about business models and technologies.

In this white paper, CMG experts answer a fundamental question –“How do we create better customer experiences, products, and services in response to the multiple drivers that are changing the rules and status quo?” CMG experts bring their deep professional experience and a global view of these trends and opportunities to suggest how the market can accelerate its digitalization and transformation toward a truly robust and sustainable energy future.

CMG authors: Bob Barker, Andy Bochman, Andres Carvallo, Bruce Hamilton, Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, David Shpigler, and Dr. Mani Vadari.

DOWNLOAD CMG – Creating the Value-Based Utility – 31 July 2014

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