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In Partnership with Modern Grid Solutions, We Are Helping Deliver Technology and Business Training to the Smart Grid Industry 

The target of these training modules are individuals and/or organizations actively engaged in the Smart Grid process.  The training was developed with a deep and client-focused focus in all areas pertaining to System Operations, and Smart Grid and delivered via through Instructor-led online modules.  The training modules can also be custom-packaged based on your needs for large audiences.

What is the target audience?    

Executives, managers, engineers, and techs working in utilities, smart grid companies, and product vendors will find these courses quite valuable to them as they identify their job/ deliverables within the overall context of the smart grid eco-system.

The courses can be very useful to the senior executive or a young and rising manager/executive who has just entered the Smart Grid field and needs to come up to speed quickly in order to be a part of a successful delivery team. In addition, these courses will also be valuable to software professionals, consultants, researchers and students who are in power systems, smart grid, communications, information technology, and related fields.

Key Aspects addressed 

The course material available covers a broad range from power system fundamentals to the various dimensions of the Smart grid which can transform the traditional utility to the utility of the future.

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