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TASG 2nd E Cover

“The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability”


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By Andres Carvallo and John Cooper

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper have written a thought provoking and insightful book on smart grid and in particular its potential from leveraging the technology rich world that we live in.” – Larry Weis, Austin Energy GM & CEO

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper do a masterful job conveying to utility industry practitioners, regulators, and consumers alike a great episode of our country’s energy evolution that should not be missed.” – Jon Wellinghoff, Former FERC Chairman

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper in The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability share a unique ability to identify and frame the underlying trends, transformative opportunities, and technological advances for smart energy systems.” – Tom Siebel, CEO C3 Energy

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper have gotten beyond the hype and blind promise of the Smart Grid to tell us why modernizing our grid is imperative, and the real steps that it will take to build the infrastructure that we need for the 21st century.” – Philip Mezey, President & CEO, Itron

“The 2nd Edition of The Advanced Smart Grid by Andres Carvallo and John Cooper is a must read sharing the best comprehensive coverage of the Smart Grid.” – John D. McDonald, P.E. – Director, Technical Strategy & Policy Development – GE Digital Energy

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper set the bar for an ambitious Smart Grid 3.0 with their vision that includes transactive energy, energy storage, and pervasive IP networking to establish an IoT at the grid edge. The Advanced Smart Grid is a must read for anyone working in the smart grid industry.” – Gary Rackliffe, Vice President of Smart Grids North America at ABB

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper describe with great insight the transformation of the power sector, which is the most powerful trend of our time. The Advanced Smart Grid will be the topic of many discussions within my teams and customers.” – Bob Powell, President of SunEdison North America

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper in The Advanced Smart Grid chart and exciting path forward for the industry towards Smart Grid 3.0. It will be an energizing journey!” – Martin Travers, President of Telecommunications at Black & Veatch

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper really hit the mark on the concepts of a Smart Grid. This book is a must read to fully understand what must be done to achieve a true Smart Grid to satisfy the energy needs of future generations.” – Henry Bailey, Global Vice President of Utilities Industry Business Solutions at SAP America

“Carvallo and Cooper give us insight to the opportunities and challenges that the future smart grid brings in The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability. If you want to see where the worlds of the IT and communications industries meet the power generation and distribution utilities, you’ll find it here.” – Pete Zogas, SVP National Instruments

“Andres Carvallo and John Cooper in the 2nd edition of The Advanced Smart Grid provide the most current and comprehensive overview of the Smart Grid available. They have nicely brought together an excellent perspective of utility power engineering and operations, IT & Telecom architecture, and consumer/edge energy technologies.” – Bradley R. Williams, Vice President of Industry Strategy at Oracle Utilities

“Carvallo and Cooper provide their pioneering insights and vision into how the smart grid is at the heart of tomorrow’s connected physical world. The Advanced Smart Grid goes to the core of understanding and establishing what the smart grid itself is and can be for society.” – Michael S. Branicky, Dean School of Engineering, University of Kansas

“Carvallo and Cooper in The Advanced Smart Grid provide an outstanding perspective on the history, status and vision of intelligent energy management.” – Stan McClellan, Director of the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University

“Carvallo and Cooper share their smart grid insights and applications to benefit all stakeholders. The Advanced Smart Grid is a must read to understand how the new energy infrastructure and services are greener, more dynamic, flexible, reliable, secure, and resilient.” – S. Massoud Amin, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at The University of Minnesota, Chairman of IEEE Smart Grid, Chairman of The Texas Reliability Entity, and Independent Director for The Midwest Reliability Organization

“Carvallo and Cooper provide a timely update to their excellent introduction to Smart Grid technologies. Highlights include a discussion of local and global trends affecting Smart Grid in the years since the first edition and predictions and use cases for Smart Grid 3.0.” – Ross Baldick, Professor at the Department of Engineering and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin

“The Advanced Smart Grid provides a modern combination of ICT and power systems perspective on the state of the grid and its evolution towards a Smart Grid 3.0” – Rajit Gadh, Professor at the Henry Samuel School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of California Los Angeles

“The 2nd edition of Carvallo and Cooper’s The Advanced Smart Grid is an informative and authoritative overview of the evolution of the smart grid, as well as a thought-provoking description of the smart grid of the future. It is an engaging and interesting read.” – Theodore Bergman, Mechanical Engineering Professor at the School of Engineering at The University of Kansas

“Carvallo and Cooper take us to the heart of what smart grid can be. This books gives the context, insights, and framework for all of us in this space to deliver solutions that are meaningful for all stakeholders.”– Jeffrey Weiser, CEO at PayGo

“The smart grid is here. If you want to grasp how to link the infrastructure of 100-year-old grid with new digital technology, this book will help you understand this brave new world! Carvallo and Cooper chronicle their pioneer experience. How it was developed, where it is today, and where we are headed in the future! It is an excellent read.” – Christian Okonsky, CEO-Founder, KLD Energy Technologies


“The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability”


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By Andres Carvallo and John Cooper

“The Advanced Smart Grid is far and away the best book yet about the smart grid. Just the right blend between theory and practice. I especially appreciate the way Carvallo and Cooper talk not just about what smart grid is today, but also about what it could and should be tomorrow. And about why and how to start with a solid foundation capable of carrying the weight of those larger ambitions. Must reading.” – Jesse Berst, Smart Grid News & Smart Cities Council

“Carvallo and Cooper walk us down a path from yesterday’s Smart Grid 1.0 (birthed at Austin Energy in Texas), to today’s 2.0 versions growing in Austin and around the world, enabled by advances in distributed energy resources (DER), energy storage solutions, new business models and more. Ultimately, they begin to unveil for us a blurry but emerging vision of Smart Grid 3.0, or “the advanced Smart Grid”, that’s predicated on pervasive IP networking, tons and tons of data, microgrids, EVs and virtual power plants.” – Andy Bochman, Idaho National Labs

“The Advanced Smart Grid illustrates in detail the importance of network security, interoperability and architecture design to successfully realize the investments to be made in modernizing the electric grid.” – Tracy Trent, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Proximetry

“The Advanced Smart Grid is the visionary book on smart grids. It is the right book for these times. If you read only one book on the smart grid – you have already picked the right one.” – William R. Moroney, Former President & Chief Executive Officer Utilities Telecom Council

“In the Advanced Smart Grid, Andres Carvallo and John Cooper give us insight into how the evolution and integration of ICT and the electric system will power our 21st century economy.” – George W. Arnold, CEO Tercio Solutions, Former Director of Standards at NIST

“Carvallo and Cooper deliver in The Advanced Smart Grid a practical approach and candid opinions that bring clarity to the advancement of Smart Grid.” – Guido Bartels, CEO of Nordic IBM, Former Chairman of Global Smart Grid Federation

“The Advanced Smart Grid by Carvallo and Cooper should be required reading for anyone attempting to get up to speed quickly with respect to the smart grid” – Rick Nicholson, SVP of Transmission & Distribution Solutions at Ventix / ABB

“The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability presents a compelling roadmap for anyone who wants to learn how they can participate in building this future.” – Brewster McCracken, CEO, Pecan Street Inc.

“Carvallo and Cooper have written a thought-provoking and holistic view of the future history of the smart grid. This is an important read for anyone interested in the intersection of innovation with the democratization of energy.” – Laura Ipsen, SVP / GM Global Industry Solutions Group at Oracle

“Carvallo and Cooper have written a book that is long overdue, as smart grid made its way into the public lexicon before it had a chance to be understood or defined. Their cogent explanation and perspective will help both technical and non-technical players navigate the confusing world of smart grid. Public policy around this multi-billion dollar industry could benefit significantly.” – Laura Doll, Director of Regulatory Relations at PG&E and Former ERCOT Board of Directors Chairman

“Smart Grid has entered the popular lexicon, but it is the rare individual that can actually explain its meaning, rationale, and potential. Carvallo and Cooper concisely provide a compelling read for layperson and expert alike.” – Paul Hudson, Principal at Stratus Energy and Former Texas Public Utility Commission Chairman

“The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability is a timely, comprehensive and insightful overview of the powerful potential that a truly advanced smart grid has in the U.S. power industry. Carvallo and Cooper deliver a must-read for anyone interested in the promise and capability of these fast-evolving networks – from novices to seasoned professionals.” – Laura Chappelle, Former Michigan Public Service Commission Chairman

“The emergence and growth of the Smart Grid is a development that affects us all and requires our ongoing attention and understanding in order to fully realize the benefits and opportunities. Carvallo and Cooper deliver in The Advanced Smart Grid: Edge Power Driving Sustainability an excellent resource to heighten our understanding and bring this important infrastructure integration concept to the next level and beyond.” – Stuart R. Bell, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost at LSU

“The Advanced Smart Grid represents a valuable perspective for utility executives and engineers, investment bankers, technology vendors, university professors, and graduate and undergraduate engineering students working on Smart Grid.” – Rajit Gadh, Professor at the Henry Samuel School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of California Los Angeles

“Carvallo and Cooper share an excellent introduction to Smart Grid technologies, focusing on the essential role of a systematic approach to telecommunications, and including visions of future exciting scenarios.” – Ross Baldick, Professor at the Department of Engineering and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin

“Carvallo and Cooper show enthusiasm and share extensive knowledge of emerging Smart Grids and future possibilities. They present challenges of distributed generation, dealing with the plethora of data, and balancing grid operation and consumer privacy. They use their extensive ‘hands on’ experiences to describe how to build a smart grid and list techniques for others.” – Gary J. Minden, Information and Telecommunications Technology Center at The University of Kansas


Mani V Book Cover

“Electric System Operation – Evolving to the Modern Grid”

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By Dr. Mani Vadari

“In the past 10 years, electric systems operations has become vastly more complex, and vastly more important, as the nation’s power grid evolves towards an interconnected “smart grid.” Here is the first book to grapple with these new complexities, written by one of the smart grid’s true pioneers and true experts.” – Jesse Berst, Managing Director Global Smart Energy, publisher of and administrator of Smart Cities Council

“If you want to understand Electric System Operations and where it is going, you need to listen to Dr Vadari. I worked with Dr Vadari for a number of years at a large international consulting company helping Electric Companies navigate their System Operations business through the dramatic changes brought about from deregulation. Dr Vadari is the most knowledgeable person on this subject I have met, and anyone involved in this area would be wise to understand his perspective. He has a tremendous understanding of both the business and technical implications of Electric System Operations. Both business people and technical people need to understand how Electric System Operations will fit into the modern Electric Company’s business. Dr Vadari’s book provides that perspective.” – Phil Crosby, Retired Partner Accenture, Global Utilities Industry

“The electric industry is like no other industry in the world. Not only is it a great achievement from an engineering perspective, but it is also a myriad of complexities and frustration from regulations, rates, renewables, demand response, microgrids and more. Mani explains all the elements, and most importantly explains those elements in a way which is easily understood to an outsider and someone who has worked in the industry for years. Few people have Mani’s wide experience and the ability to take complexity into simplicity. His book explains all these elements, and should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in doing business in the electric industry. ” – Brian Dawson, EVP of Business Development and Chairman of the Board, Calico Energy Inc.

“The author has an impressive knowledge of North America’s electrical infrastructure and more specifically the business of System Operations. His book will be an essential guide for those looking to make a meaningful entry into the market or even learn how to navigate its complexities when trying to interface with it. The future developments in the US electrical grid will generate business opportunities in areas others may have not yet even contemplated and this book is a useful guide for all. Many of the topics covered apply not only for North America’s market but for the world. I have known Dr. Vadari for several years now and he has managed to leverage his expertise into this unique book.” – Junji Kitaguchi, General Manager, R&D Unit, Global Environment & Infrastructure Business Development Group, Mitsubishi Corporation

“Mani Vadari provides a simple guideline on how the grid works. His career has touched most every aspect of the grid; now that unique perspective is passed along. His knowledge of the electric grid is matched by his capacity to explain how the grid works. This book is a great resource for those who want to know how energy is managed and delivered. For those in the industry it provides a broad perspective and for those looking for understanding Mani provides a foundation of material that won’t confuse you.” – Cliff Monlux, EVP Corporate Development, Calico Energy and an advisor, investor and board member for several energy and technology companies in the Pacific Northwest.

“Mani Vadari’s book, Electric Systems Operations illustrates in detail the importance of system operations within an electric utility and how it touches all aspects of the business as we advance in modernizing the grid. Mani maintains a practical approach throughout the book and drives home the importance of electric systems operations to the business of keeping the lights on. I recommend this book for everyone training or working in the utility business today as a vendor, partner, employee or otherwise.” – Michael Atkinson, President, Alstom Grid, North America

“Peeling away each layer of complexity, Mani walks the reader through the evolution of electric operations. He then puts it all back together methodically to show how all the seemingly disparate pieces fit together. This is a book for the beginner, the practitioner and the expert.” – Dr. Siri Varadan, Vice President, Asset Management Solutions, UISOL

“Dr. Vadari’s is able to take a complex topic like electric systems operations and explain it in terms that are business-oriented and easily understood by readers of different backgrounds. He provides a holistic view of systems operations that transcends geographical boundaries and is applicable to Utilities worldwide. Dr. Vadari’s insight on how the industry is changing and the significant role that systems operations plays now and in the future is leading-edge and will be key as the Utilities industry continues to evolve.   I have known and worked with Dr. Vadari for several years and his command of this topic is clearly illustrated here. This book will be relevant for years to come and is a very informative read for those wanting to learn more about systems operations and the future of the Utilities industry.” – Omar Al-Juburi, Partner Ernst and Young, Utilities Practice and former Partner and Grid Operations Lead at Accenture

“This is a must read for utilities, vendors and regulators looking to better understand the wide-reaching implications of the huge transformation of the electricity industry and how it’s changing the role of electric systems operations. Mani brings his technical expertise as well as his business acumen and global perspective to deliver a comprehensive view of the many new challenges utilities are facing. It is a great resource for anyone working on the modernization of the grid.” – Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril Inc.

“Until now, electric system operations have been more of a black box even within the utility and even more so externally. Dr. Mani Vadari has managed to navigate the reader through this complex part of the utility, explaining its evolution starting from the New York blackout, through deregulation to become the foundation of the modern grid. He has also managed to explain the business of system operations, why this is so important for all of us to understand, and how the utility could actually take advantage of this serious asset to become a better deliverer of services to the end-use customer. Most books on system operations have until now only focused on the power system algorithms that are used in energy management systems. A serious book on the business of system operations is long overdue for our industry and Dr. Vadari has delivered to that mandate very well.” – Guido Bartels, Former GM, Energy & Utilities, IBM; Chairman, Global Smart Grid Federation; and Immediate Past Chairman, GridWise Alliance

“The electric grid is arguably the most complex machine ever constructed by man, is indisputably an engineering marvel of the 20th century, and has been a key backbone of economic prosperity. The 21st century electric grid faces unprecedented challenges in reliability, quality, and cost, but also great opportunities arising from information technology advances. This has made the complex machine even more complex. Dr. Mani Vadari has deep insight from his broad experience in electric grid operations around the world, and he has been one of the pioneers in bringing information technology into electric grid operations in the United States. In “Electric System Operations”, Dr. Vadari provides a remarkably clear and extremely valuable guide to power system architecture and operations. This work covers all the key aspects of the modern electric grid including: basic definitions, the impact of deregulation, business insights, elucidation of the various IT-based management systems that continue to evolve, and concludes with his insight on future grid evolution. Dr. Vadari’s work is mandatory reading for anyone with an interest in the modern electric grid.” – James A. Misewich, Ph.D., Associate Laboratory Director for Basic Energy Sciences, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Brookhaven Representative to Board of Directors, New York State Smart Grid Consortium

“Mani Vadari has the incredible ability to distill complex concepts into simple easy to understand ideas that the reader can easily understand. His mastery over a large range of technologies that make up the complex engineering system of the electrical grid is evident in this book and I would highly recommend anyone with any level of interest in the electrical grid to read this book.” – Ram Sastry, Director, Utility Research, Processes & Systems, American Electric Power.

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