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Paul Struhsaker


Senior Consultant
CMG Consulting LLC
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Mr. Struhsaker is a Senior consultant at CMG and also serves as Managing Director of Arassar Partners. Mr. Struhsaker has over 30 years of experience as an executive managing innovation and engineering across multiple industries including wireless networking, consumer electronics, silicon platforms, and large scale cloud client computing.

Expertise – Commercialization, Standardization, Technology Strategy, Patent Portfolio Strategy, IT/OT Management, Datacenter and Infrastructure Design, Cloud Client Software Architecture, Vendor Management, and Technology Integration.

CMG Frameworks – Strategy and Scenario Planning, Business Optimization and Transformation, Smart Grid Roadmap, Smart City Roadmap, and Smart Cyber Security & Compliance Framework.

Prior to CMG, Mr. Struhsaker was CTO of Dell’s Client Solutions Group, where he was responsible for technology strategy, innovation pipeline, technology incubation, and thought leadership; SVP Software Engineering at Comcast NBC Universal; VP of Engineering at Cable Vision Systems; VP Silicon Platform at Motorola PCS and CTO Broadband at Texas Instruments. Mr. Struhsaker was a founder and CTO of two successful startups: Wi-Fi innovation leader Aironet Wireless (acquired by Cisco) and 4G wireless innovator Raze Technologies. Mr. Struhsaker started his preofesional career at the National Security Agency.

Mr. Struhsaker holds over 50 patents and patents-pending in Wi-Fi, 3GPP LTE, networking systems, and cloud client software. Mr. Struhsaker is an industry expert and has served as Chairman of IEEE 802.11 WiFi, Vice Chairman of IEEE 802.16 WiMax, and a leader in CableLab’s RI software platform standards.

Mr. Struhsaker holds a BSEE from The University of Akron and a MSEE from Johns Hopkins University. He is a former US Navy Nuclear Submarine officer.


Why CMG?

CMG has built a library of over 500 use cases and 18 frameworks. Each framework delivers the answers to use cases, technologies, vendors, business models, business cases, policy models, and best practices.

CMG’s corporate development, go-to-market planning, and commercialization are world-class.

CMG’s team has planned for and successfully deployed over $20 billion of technology solutions in the last 20 years.

CMG team has developed smart grid roadmaps for multiple utilities in the US, EU, Middle East and South America.

CMG team has developed smart city roadmaps for several fast growing cities.

CMG offers advisory services per month, 1-day workshops for each framework, 3-day workshops for each framework, and customer-defined consulting projects (e.g. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and beyond as needed).

The CMG advantage is world-class advise by former senior executives with 25 years plus of successful experience for 50% less than the Big Old Brands.  CMG is Cheaper, Faster and Better !!!

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