Andres Carvallo to Keynote India Smart Grid Week on March 5, 2018

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Andres Carvallo


CEO & Founder
CMG Consulting LLC
Austin, TX
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Mr. Andres Carvallo is the founder and CEO of CMG, a strategy consulting and advisory company focus on enabling Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, and Smart Buildings.  Outside of CMG, Mr. Carvallo is a Board Director at IMS, Board Director at Gridmates, Board Advisor at Smart Electric Power Association, Board Advisor at Texas State University Ingram School of Engineering, and Board Advisor at The University of Kansas Energy Council.

CMG’s mission is to help define and accelerate the digitalization and transformation of its customers. CMG provides world-class expertise in Smart Cities, Energy, IoT, Telecommunications, and Software markets and technologies. For utilities, cities, and enterprises, CMG provides world-class strategies, processes, and best practices on how to design, build, run, and optimize all elements of planning and operational execution. For vendors and startups, CMG offers proven strategies and tactical methods to accelerate product innovation, go-to-market planning and commercialization, and build ecosystems. As CEO of CMG, Mr. Carvallo is responsible for the strategy, growth and day-to-day operations. Mr. Carvallo also leads or co-leads many practices.

Expertise – General Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Use Cases, Business Cases, Business Models, Project Financing, Project Management, Product Management, Energy & Utility Operations, Telecom Operations, Electronics Manufacturing, Software Development, and Technology Integration.

CMG Frameworks – Strategy and Scenario Planning, Go-To-Market Planning, Business Optimization and Transformation, Smart Grid Roadmap, Smart City Roadmap, Smart Buildings planning, Big Data planning , Internet of Things planning, Cloud Computing planning, Distributed Energy and Microgrid Planning, Virtual Power Plan Planning, and Distribution Management System Lifecycle Management.

Mr. Carvallo is an award winning engineer, speaker, author, and executive with 30 years of experience in the Energy, Telecommunications, Computers and Software industries. Mr. Carvallo is globally recognized by the IEEE as one of the early developers of the smart grid concept and technology. Mr. Carvallo defined the term Smart Grid on March 5, 2004. Mr. Carvallo co-authored the best selling book “The Advanced Smart Grid”, he has received 35 industry awards since 2005, and he is a popular speaker and guest lecturer.

As chief technologist reporting to the CEO and a member of the Austin Energy Innovation & Opportunity Development Executive Board from 2003 – 2010, Mr. Carvallo championed Austin Energy’s industry leading smart grid program design and implementation as their CIO. While at Austin Energy, Mr. Carvallo also co-led over $ 4 billion in investments into two wind farms, a solar farm, a biomass power plant, a natural gas power plant, two cogeneration power plants, two district cooling microgrids, roof top solar, over 100,000 thermostats for load control, a fiber communications network reaching every substation, 100% smart meter coverage, a smart grid architecture, and all the smart grid infrastructure. Mr. Carvallo also architected the Pecan Street Project as its CTO from 2008 to 2010 and led Austin Energy’s complete technology transformation.

Since 1992, Mr. Carvallo has held P&L responsibilities and senior executive titles while being responsible for the strategy, development, and commercialization of over 40 products as EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Proximetry, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Grid Net, CEO at HillCast Technologies (acquired by Charles Schwab), CEO at (acquired by Avalon Marketing Systems), EVP and COO at (acquired by FreeMarkets), VP at Tycho Networks (acquired by, President & General Manager at Philips Consumer Communications, General Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP Enterprise), General Manager at Borland, Regional Manager at SCO, Product Manager at SCO, and Windows and MS-DOS Product Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.  Mr. Carvallo has led many amazing teams and grown its P&Ls from zero to over US$2 billion several times.

Mr. Carvallo received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree from The University of Kansas with a concentration in Robotics and Control Systems. And Mr. Carvallo has also post-graduate certificates in Business Management from Stanford University, in Quality Management from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, and in Power Utility Management from The University of Idaho.


Why CMG?

CMG has built a library of over 500 use cases and 15 frameworks. Each framework delivers the answers to use cases, technologies, vendors, business models, business cases, policy models, and best practices.

CMG’s corporate development, go-to-market planning, and commercialization are world-class.

CMG offers advisory services per month, 1-day workshops for each framework, 3-day workshops for each framework, and customer-defined consulting projects (e.g. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and beyond as needed).

The CMG advantage is world-class advise by former senior executives with 25 years plus of successful experience for 50% less than the Big Old Brands.  CMG is Cheaper, Faster and Better !!!

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