David Shpigler

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Senior Consultant
Co-Leader of Smart Cities, Smart Utilities and Business Models

CMG Consulting LLC
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 888-445-5486
Email: dave@512cmg.com

David Shpigler is a Senior Consultant at CMG and also serves as President of The Shpigler Group, a strategy management-consulting firm focused on the utility sector.  Mr. Shpigler has over 25 years of experience and leads or co-leads several practices at CMG.

Expertise – Strategic Planning, Business Cases, Business Models, Project Financing, Project Management, Utility Operations, Energy Markets, Telecom Markets, Software Markets, and Technology Integration.

CMG Frameworks – Strategy and Scenario Planning, Business Optimization and Transformation Planning, Smart Grid Roadmap Planning, Smart Grid Governance Planning, Smart City Roadmap Planning, Distributed Energy and Microgrid Planning, Virtual Power Plan Planning, and Distribution Management System Lifecycle Management.

Mr. Shpigler has worked with a variety of utilities in solving complex issues involving strategic assessment, market analysis, business case development, economic evaluation of network design, and industry benchmarking. David well known within the utility and smart grid arena, publishing research studies with such industry associations as EPRI, EEI, UTC, APPA, NRECA, and NRTC.

Over the years, Mr. Shpigler has led dozens major research efforts on analyzing opportunities in the smart grid, including: Understanding the Smart Grid: from Definition to Deployment, a study that lays out various approaches for electric utilities considering pursuing a smart grid strategy, Smart Grid Economics: Making the Business Case for Smart Network Technology, a report that drills into the elements of the business case for electric utilities evaluating the economic, technical, and operational considerations of smart grid deployment and Distributed Generation and Energy Storage Systems in a Smart Grid: Characterization and Analysis, a paper that looks at the issue of bringing distributed generation and energy storage into a smart grid environment.

In total, Mr. Shpigler has led the development of detailed business plans and strategies for nearly 250 electric utilities over the past twelve years.  In addition to his work at CMG and The Shpigler Group, David was associated with a number of high profile strategy consulting firms involved in the utility, high tech and telecom sectors including Cambridge Strategic Management Group, Dean & Company, and Accenture.  David has a Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of the State of New York and an MBA from the University of Chicago.