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Dave Walker


Senior Consultant
Acting Chief Marketing Officer
Co-Leader of Go-To-Market Planning Practice
CMG Consulting LLC

Austin, Texas
Phone: 888-445-5486

Mr. Dave Walker is a Senior Consultant at CMG with over 30 years of experience in B2B and B2G business development, sales, marketing and implementation of SaaS and enterprise based software environments. Mr. Walker’s international business development experience covers a broad range of companies and government agencies; including DoD, DoE, semiconductor design labs and manufacturers, major international airlines and world-wide logistics companies. Mr. Walker’s passions are in coaching early stage companies or new business units within large companies, evangelizing the creation of a company wide sales culture, and the adoption of an agreed upon sales process seeking a successful vision buy-in by all parties.

Expertise — General Management, Strategic Planning, Business Cases, Business Models, Business Development, Market Development, Channel Development, Logistics Markets, Semiconductor Markets, Software Markets, and Technology Integration.

CMG Frameworks — Strategy and Scenario Planning, Go-To-Market Planning, Business Optimization and Transformation, and Smart City Roadmap.

Prior to CMG, Mr. Walker served as VP of Sales for Qv21 Technologies (an Austin-based startup focused an oilfield transportation resource optimization and data analytics), VP of Sales for United Technologies’ FreightWatch International (FWI provides global GPS tracking, security, asset, and risk management for transportation, cargo, multi-modal, logistics & supply Chain), Vice President of Americas Sales Operations at Jeppessen (Carmen) Systems (a provider of real-time manpower planning and resource optimization management systems for transportation and logistics), VP of Global Sales at CALEB Technologies (an Austin-based startup software firm specializing in crew and aircraft recovery from irregular operations), and her several Sales Manager roles at Synopsis of Mountain View, Calif (providing complete front-to-back semiconductor design and test environments for the electronics design community). Mr. Walker began his sales career with Gerber Scientific Instruments managing sales to 14 DoE and DoD accounts (while working with Bell Helicopter engineers, Mr. Walker co-designed and sold a customized CAD/Cam system resulting in the successful competitive prototyping of a functional two-thirds model of the v22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft).

Mr. Walker is a graduate of Oklahoma State University; Spears School of Business with a degree in Marketing and minor concentrations in Chemistry and Life Sciences. He currently resides in Austin with his wife Susan of 39 years and have four grown children. They enjoy supporting local youth organizations and housing programs for the homeless.


Why CMG?

CMG has built a library of over 500 use cases and 18 frameworks. Each framework delivers the answers to use cases, technologies, vendors, business models, business cases, policy models, and best practices.

CMG’s corporate development, go-to-market planning, and commercialization are world-class.

CMG’s team has planned for and successfully deployed over $20 billion of technology solutions in the last 20 years.

CMG team has developed smart grid roadmaps for multiple utilities in the US, EU, Middle East and South America.

CMG team has developed smart city roadmaps for several fast growing cities.

CMG offers advisory services per month, 1-day workshops for each framework, 3-day workshops for each framework, and customer-defined consulting projects (e.g. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and beyond as needed).

The CMG advantage is world-class advise by former senior executives with 25 years plus of successful experience for 50% less than the Big Old Brands.  CMG is Cheaper, Faster and Better !!!

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