CMG has a deep relationship with the best event platforms in the Energy industry. In fact, CMG helped create and launch the ETS platform successfully in 2014 for Zpryme. Furthermore, CMG provides ongoing advise to these event organizers. Our clients and partners enjoy VIP treatment and discounts.

Our influence and access to the most powerful events allows us to have an ongoing relationship with over 3,000 CXOs in multiple industries beyond Power & Energy.

Our key relationships include:

Energy Thought Summits – CMG developed the ETS concept and plan for Zpryme.  CMG has been part of ETS14, ETS@austin, ETS@researchtraingle, ETS15, ETS@chicago, ETS16, and now ETS17.  The ETS series represents total access to over 2,000 CxOs across the power and hi-tech industries.

Smart Grid Summits – CMG helped grow the SGS events since 2014. The SGS series includes Muni Smart Grid Summit, Smart Water Summit, and Rural Smart Grid Summit. The SGS series represents total access to over 1,000 CxOs  across the power, gas , and water industries.

SGIP Annual Conference and Expo – SGIP produces a great gathering every year that our CEO helped create as chairman of the Marketing and Membership Committee in addition to being Board Director.  With over 150 members, SGIP brings over 250 powerful executives every year. Click Here For More Detail.

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