Energy Thought Summit

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Energy Thought Summit is the creation of Andres Carvallo, Jason Rodriguez, and Marck Ishac.  It is the most compelling platform and event for sharing true Energy Innovation solutions in relevant and deep detail.  No prepared slide presentations, no hundreds of speaking tracks with no relevant speakers and content. No trade show floor with pushy sales people.

Energy Thought Summit is just brilliant people from all relevant stakeholder companies in the education, research, policy, financing, generation, distribution, and consumption of Energy plus the experts from telecom, manufacturing, software, computing, consumer electronics, and transportation all openly sharing, talking, discussing, and arguing constructively about the solutions to the most trying technology, policy, and end-user challenges of today, tomorrow, and the long term future.

The inaugural Energy Thought Summit, ETS14, delivered beyond everyone’s expectations.  Over 800 attendees. Over 90 rock solid speakers. Two Amazing Keynotes. Four Amazing featured speakers.  One phenomenal historic venue.  Local musical artists. One great city.  All together for two days.


For access to all content (i.e. photos, videos, and tweets) of every keynote, every panel, and every testimonials, please click here ENERGY THOUGHT SUMMIT.